Hoods & Mantles

Kitchen, Stove, Vent & Island Range Hoods & Mantles

At SOLLiD Cabinetry, we carry everything you need to match your kitchen perfectly, whether you’re interested in cabinetry or in hoods and mantels.

A hood, in terms of your kitchen, is the piece that conceals the vent above your stove, whether it’s a standard kitchen hood against a wall or an island range hood. The mantel, then, is the piece that can lay across it to provide a shelf for decoration or storage. If your kitchen requires a vent hood, surely you want it to look nice with the rest of the room! Mantels especially add a nice touch, allowing for kitchen enhancements that won’t clog up your counter space.

When you work with SOLLiD Cabinetry, you get more than the standard set of options you’d find at a hardware store. Instead, we allow and encourage you to choose your design, your stain, your paint, and your glaze for your range hood and mantle. Additionally, every SOLLiD hood is made exclusively from Alder wood.

Find a Cabinet Dealer

Regardless of the design you choose for your kitchen, SOLLiD Cabinetry dealers can help ensure that the installation and finished look is exactly what you want. We pride ourselves on our quality. Stove hoods and mantles are no exception to that rule. We are always careful to be sure that your kitchen pieces are sold for the best price you can find through a dealer that you can trust. Contact us today to receive more information and to get started on the beautiful, functional kitchen of your dreams!