People are saying good things about SOLLiD...


The most common questions I receive about our home, are regarding our kitchen cabinets. Where are they from? What color paint did you use? Do you like them? Well, today I am going to break down every last little bit of our cabinets for you!

When we first started remodeling, I was put in contact with Rob from SOLLiD Cabinetry. I had initially planned on using Ikea cabinets because of their ease of install, design, etc… I figured we could go the SemiHandmade route – I mean Studio McGee does it – so why wouldn’t we?

One of my neighbors installed Ikea cabinets in her mudroom, and they are beautiful; however, you can tell by feeling them, that they aren’t *custom made cabinets*.

So, I started working with Rob in depth to use SOLLiD in our kitchen, and just like that we were no longer using Ikea...


SOLLiD Cabinetry continues their market leading innovation with their latest offering of a frameless cabinet line available in a variety of finishes.

In 2008, SOLLiD Cabinetry started off as a three-man company working out of a garage, with only two door styles available. 7 years later, SOLLiD is operating out of an 85,000 square foot facility. After a year of research and help from several of their dealers they have developed their Frameless line of cabinets.


Their new Frameless Series is inspired by European-style cabinets. This contemporary style has clean finished lines providing a simple, sleek, modern design in your home.


Frameless cabinets do not have a face frame attached to the front of the cabinet box. Eliminating the face frame provides greater accessibility and more storage space. Frameless uses full overlay doors, with hinges attached directly to the sides of the cabinets. After they are installed, all you will see are the doors and drawer fronts; no framing. The cabinets do not have a center stile between doors, making more room for items inside and more space to work with adjustable, full-depth shelves. Without the face frame, drawers become larger as well.


Quality has always been paramount with SOLLiD; that is why they pride themselves on building a high quality cabinet. The standard features include: boxes made out of a hardwood dowel construction, full upper deck with cut out, no stretchers, ” construction, 5/8” solid wood dovetail drawer box sides, tandem plus blumotion drawer guides, clip top blumotion 110 inserta hinge, ” full-depth shelves and built in toe kick. SOLLiD offers several different door styles and colors, including wood, acrylic, textured and Thermofoiled doors. Available in a wide selection of styles and colors with stained, glazed and painted doors. James Westbrook, Frameless production manager says, “Our Frameless cabinet is in my opinion superior to the framed cabinet in both structure and construction method. More space, more strength, more versatility and less waste.” Ed Neilander, General Manager says, “This new product is the most versatile offering yet from SOLLiD!” Kenny Chapman, of Aspen Hills Cabinetry says, “When I first received news that SOLLiD Cabinetry was producing a Frameless line of cabinetry I was thrilled. After selling and installing a few kitchens in the Frameless Series I am blown away by the quality, durability and affordability of this new series.”


President of SOLLiD Cabinetry in Tempe, Arizona, Justin Riggs and CFO, Adam Soldner share why SOLLiD Cabinetry has grown steadily despite the slow economy. Their secret: a refusal to compromise quality, investment in new equipment and technology and providing first-class support to their cabinet dealers. SOLLiD has recently made an investment in a new, larger location and in new equipment that will allow them to increase production. SOLLiD Cabinetry started off as a three man company working in a garage. They have now expanded to a new location and plan to hold an open house for their cabinet dealers to highlight their latest products and designs as well as their

new showroom. The event will be held on Thursday May 15th from 10:30am – 2:30pm. It is not open to the public, but is open to existing customers. At the event, dealers will be able to see 20 displays from their Value, Designer and Thermofoil lines. The displays showcase several door styles and finishes and configurations for kitchen, bathroom and offices. Soldner says, “This month we are also bringing on a new automated spray line that will increase our daily finishing production for trim and doors from our current output of about 500 pieces to about 1500 pieces a day.”

The new showroom is located at 2636 South Wilson Street, Tempe, AZ. SOLLiD chose the new building both for the additional space and also to be more centralized to Phoenix. Soldner says, “We were able to move from two smaller facilities into one larger one. We can now have all of our production and inventory in one facility. We also have all of our offices in one place, making it easier to communicate.”

SOLLiD Cabinetry started out in 2009 with only two different door styles. Now they have three different lines of cabinetry with 25 different door styles and many color options. SOLLiD Cabinetry is a manufacturer working mostly with cabinet shops, dealers and home builders—they do not sell to the public. “At SOLLiD, we pride ourselves on building a high quality cabinet with all of the boxes being made out of 1/2" box construction with a dove tail drawer box with under mount and soft close guides and hinges. Most of these things are considered upgrades for most other cabinet companies,” explains Riggs.

With SOLLiD Cabinetry, quality is paramount from start to finish during the manufacturing process for their face frame cabinets and other product lines. Heidi Speirs, Marketing Director at SOLLiD says, “It does not matter what line of cabinets you chose—whether it is from the Value line, the Designer line, or the Thermofoil line, the box is going to be the same, the quality is going to be the same. You are not going to be giving up quality because you are choosing from our Value line; you are just choosing a different door style.”

Keith Jeffreys of Keystone Carpentry, a cabinet dealer, says, “I joined the SOLLiD team several years ago when the company worked out of a 3 car garage and the 3 employees shared a tiny office space. It is a real thrill to see this new huge, modern facility with 70+ employees who love their jobs and work together to make the best products possible.”

Grayson Winn, Owner of HG Cabinets Direct says, “SOLLiD Cabinetry has exceeded my expectations of what I was looking for in a local cabinet manufacturer. Their amazing network of office staff, account representatives, operational team members and management work tirelessly to deliver a quality product that is both beautiful and economical. As a small business owner, it is imperative that I have an honest and reliable supplier like SOLLiD Cabinetry. They have been the foundation of my success as a cabinet retailer and are true innovators in their field with a first class support system.”

Jeffreys adds, “In a time when affordable, high quality, American made products are nearly impossible to find, SOLLiD is a breath of fresh air. Attention to detail, excellent quality control methods, and true team spirit among the entire company result in a top quality product that rivals high dollar custom cabinets and leaves other larger component cabinet manufacturers in the dirt.”