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Does SOLLiD sell to the general public?

We don’t sell directly to the public. We believe that your new cabinets will look and function better if you involve a designer and a cabinet dealer. Because of this, SOLLiD’s business model is grounded in a network of professional cabinet dealers.

It is vitally important to the success of your project that accurate measurements be taken and that the resulting design is exactly what you want before ordering your cabinets. Your cabinet dealer and designer are experts in this process. After all, your new space is a big investment. You not only need it to look and function properly…you want it to be perfect. And you want it to last a lifetime. To get the best value cabinets, find a cabinet dealer near you.

What is a cabinet front?

The cabinet front is the unfinished, stained or painted part of the cabinet. It consists of the face frame, doors and drawer fronts.

What is the cabinet carcass?

The carcass is the box of the cabinet: the sides, the back, and the floor.

What is the finish on the interior of the cabinets?

Our cabinets have a natural birch UV coated veneer interior finish. Fully finished interiors are available as a designer option.

Can I buy cabinet fronts from SOLLiD?

Yes, from an authorized dealer.

What are SOLLiD cabinets made of?

All SOLLiD doors and fronts are either 3/4” solid wood or HDF (high density fiber). Our wood choices are Alder, Birch and Maple (clear and knotty). All cabinet boxes are 1/2" box construction. See our specs for full details.

How do I become a dealer?

Your main business must be designing and selling kitchens and baths. You must have a dealer showroom. Learn more about how to become a dealer.

What are the terms for buying cabinets from SOLLiD?

All orders must be pre-paid before shipping. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Are SOLLiD cabinets CARB compliant?

All SOLLiD products are CARB 93120 Phase 2 compliant for formaldehyde. See this article.

Will SOLLiD cabinets support granite countertops?

When professionally built by our craftsmen, our best value cabinets will easily support granite countertops.

What is the difference between Standard Overlay doors and Full Overlay doors?

Standard Overlay doors show the face frame of the cabinet behind the door. Full Overlay doors cover most of the face frame behind the door.

What is the construction of the drawer boxes?

Our standard drawer boxes are made with 5/8” plywood, dovetailed on all four corners with a 5/16” captured  bottom (dadoed into the drawer box sides, front and back).

Will the cabinet shelves bow under the weight of my heavy dishes?

SOLLiD uses full 3/4” shelves, which are considered to be the highest industry standard.

How do I clean my new cabinets?

Wood cabinet finishes may be cleaned and protected by using commercially available cleaning polish. Please be aware that wax polishes can result in a wax film build-up over time and silicone polishes can harm the cabinet finish. For these reasons, we recommend using an emulsion-type cleaner (such as Murphy’s Oil Soap), because they are made without wax, petroleum solvents, or silicone.

Will SOLLiD do custom modifications or custom finishes?

SOLLiD will evaluate a customer request for a custom piece or modification when a detailed, measured drawing is submitted. We offer many custom finish options in our Designer Series.

What is the warranty on SOLLiD cabinets?

Please see our Warranty Statement.





Best Value Cabinets