Custom Cabinet Quote

If you are looking to customize a cabinet, please complete the form below and attach your drawing to the get pricing. 


You need to include a drawing that specifies cabinet height, width and depth. 


If there are any other specifications, please put them in the  “additional notes” section.

Custom Paint Control Sample -Approval

1. Order Sample door in ePIC –  (Please see Dealer FAQS). Enter the Paint manufacturer, paint code and color in the General Comments and the Special Instruction tab for the CUSTOM PAINT selection in the drop-down box.


2. Once your order is processed, the price of the door will be revised to $100.00 in ePIC. This price includes a Spray Can and Marker, along with the remaining precat paint that was used to paint the sample door.  If this is a FedEx order the pre-cat paint will not be sent and disposed of here on our premises. If you want the remaining pre-cat paint, please indicate that in the General Comments of the order and it will be placed on a separate order for pick up at Will Call.


3. Once the door is ready, the Dealer will provide the sample to their client for approval.


4. Once approved, please complete form below.


Display Discount Form

Fill out the form along with the picture of the installed display in your showroom.

Give to your SOLLiD representative for their signature and they will turn it in for you.

Any questions please contact your sales representative.

Advertising CO-OP Program

SOLLiD Cabinetry is committed to support its network of dealers.



This reiumbursment program is offered to encourage you to advertise and promote SOLLiD Cabinetry products in your market and is designed to share the costs with you on an equal basis.

Payment on File Authorization

This form is to supply SOLLiD Cabinetry LLC with credit card or banking information to keep on file for payment of all products and services.


A new form must be completed for each payment type to be kept on file. 


*Please note when updating your form of payment, it can take to two business days to reflect changes on your account