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Whether you currently own a business building or selling cabinetry, now is the time to join our amazing team and become a dealer of our high quality, affordable, cabinets.

These days, most homeowners are looking for something clean and modern or completely customized to fit their space. Unfortunately, not every homeowner can afford the high price tag that comes with custom cabinets. At SOLLiD Cabinetry, not only do we offer beautiful designs and timeless styles, we make it possible for customers who otherwise couldn’t afford the customized look to achieve it with our semi-custom cabinets.

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When you’re ready to propel your business forward and increase the variety and quality of cabinets you offer, consider becoming a dealer for our brand. Available in various designs, paint and stain colors, with attractive, functional accessories available to fit every cabinet style we offer, you really can’t beat our cabinets; so why not just join us?

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