Framed vs. Euro Cabinets


Cabinetry is available with many different options.  Color options and doors styles are important from a design standpoint. Cabinets can be framed or frameless. Framed cabinets have a wood frame (like a picture frame) around the front of the cabinet box or carcass. The doors are attached by hinges to the face frame. Framed cabinets are the standard in modern or traditional kitchens. Frameless cabinets do not have a face frame. Frameless cabinets are also referred to as “European style” or “Euro” cabinets. The doors attach to the inside of the cabinet box with special hinges.

Door styles also fall into two main categories. Standard overlay and full overlay.  Standard overlay allows some of the face frame to be seen around the door depending on the door style. Full overlay covers most of the face frame. Since the doors are larger in comparison, full overlay tends to be more expensive than standard overlay. Full overlay also requires knobs or handles.



cabinet-frame-euroEURO OR EUROPEAN CABINET


Reface vs. Remodel Cabinets


When remodeling a space, you may choose to replace or re-face existing cabinetry. Re-facing involves leaving the existing cabinets in place and covering the exterior portions of the cabinets with a veneer of wood or vinyl. The existing doors and drawer fronts are removed and discarded and new doors and drawer fronts are installed. Re-facing is a good option if you are completely satisfied with the existing cabinet layout, as this will not change. The current cabinets should be in very good or excellent condition from a construction standpoint. The drawers and drawer guides should be in good working order. From a price perspective, approximately 70% of the cost of cabinets consists of the face frame and doors.

There are also many advantages to replacing the cabinetry completely. Not only can you change the color and door style but you may also change the layout of your room. Options like rollout trays, lazy susans, wood base organizers, and pullout trash/recycle drawers create convenience, function and organization that simplify the space.  Decorative bases and posts, wood wall hoods, moldings and corbels are available to add the perfect designer touch.